Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Husky Du/Shoot Out at the Crayola Factory

This past Saturday, along with my buddy Patfreak Harringtoon,  I drew up some fluffy Huskies (and other breeds too, such as the strange and rare homo sapien) as a retail vendor for an event for Tails of the Tundra Siberian Rescue (http://www.siberescue.com/) in Warminster park. While it wasn't the busiest we could have been, it was fun for the 5-6 hours, and we learned more than we ever thought was possible about Husky markings, eye colors, uh, fluffiness...okay, there wasn't all that much to learn about them but damn they're some beautiful animals, and you should adopt one today (that is of course, if you don't mind dealing with all that fur...)! I also got a nice sunburn down the right side of my neck and arm, as the sun kept seeking me out, only to destroy (that's a Stooges reference for ya, what you didn't know that?), even under my tent. Pat's lillywhiteness wasn't touched, but a crazy wind kept blowing off his hat - haha! Anyway, here's a buncha photos from the event, starting with the sign I drew to replace the well-intentioned but uh, not exactly accurately spelled (and way too small)  'cariacuture' sign the event promoter had for me, but oh well! Great people, great faces, great fur, great heat and wind...

A couple hours later, I met up again with "Pat Trick Hair In Tongue" for a crazed Sweet 16 event at the waxy-smelling Crayola Factory in Easton PA, the place where the crayon was invented (okay, I just pulled that one out of my a$$), where we melted down some faces (I can't resist bad puns, can I? No I can't). So did I draw with crayons? No, but what the hell, I should have! Anyways, it was some good fun we had with those always hilarious teenage faces (who were very receptive to me and Pat's weird and twisted styles), as well as some adults, kids, and waitstaff too.
 Once again I apologize for the grainy picture quality...iphone cameras still suck ...
I love how the dude painted on the wall is gawking at the Sweet 16 Birthday girl. Creepy!

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