Monday, August 25, 2008

Whooping It up at the Middlesex County Fair...MEGA POST!!!

This "Crankshaft" strip about sums up the County Fair experience for me...
Yes, Mom was drinking vodka out of a Hello Kitty water bottle.

These kids parents were Fried Oreos's ALL they sold...yuuchhhh....howbout some Fried Krimpets??

OUch...squeeeeze...this one could have been so much better...

The two guys in this pic couldn't come up with the money for the fourth face so I made a bargain - how bout half and half? not the first time I've done this...see below...

This kindly couple keep on coming back to get their doggie done (from a photo) and this time finally took the plunge and got one of themselves, again with their dog, again from a photo - apparently he's a bit of a tough guy around other guys so they have to leave him at home when they go to the fair...anyways, I'd promised them LAST year that I'd put Benji's caric. up on the net, and lo and behold, never got around to it....until it is friends..see ya next year!

Awesome couple - third year they've come back to get made fun of. And here's the first one of Danielle's mother...

Straight outta Bayonne...last couple on Sat. night...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Company Partiers

What a fun bash this was - lots of drinks, lots of food, lots of faces, lots of laughs, at Philly's Citizens Bank Park (where the Phillies play) Here's a couple fun ones I managed to snap (that's yours truly posing with the guy in the third picture).

Horsey Couple

The first one was from a Surprise 40th birthday party at a race track in Oceanport, NJ. What a hot, icky day - I was huddled on a bench under a metal-plated umbrella (see photo, upper right), that shook violently every time horses galloped by, and/or huge gusts of wind blew through the park - needless to say, not exactly ideal conditions for caricaturing or for taking quality photos....but hey, with mugs like dese? It's all worth it.

The Procrastinator Strikes Back

Yeah, ya heard right. No more procrastinating, let's get on with it. I'll be updating as much as possible, so check back and drop some comments, okay? Anyway, because no one demanded it, here's stuff I drew at some parties from the great month of July. Enjoy!