Saturday, April 24, 2010

Freak Out at a Sweet Sixteen

Some willing and happy Sweet 16 victims from last month...
I felt pretty comfortable that these kids would appreciate the more grotesque and freak style of caricature I can do...and I was right - they loved it!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Had a blast drawing this one, and turns out I didn't need much reference for drawing Marvel Comics' 'Thor' costume - relied on the good ol' comic book memory banks for that! The tank came fairly easy too as I was a huge G.I. Joe fan growing up and must have the look and feel of the MOBAT hardwired into my brain. The WWI Kraut helmet though, needed a little more ref. I was tempted to add a 'KRAKA-DOOOOM' sound effect, but decided otherwise...
Right here is a collage  I arranged from the client's generous photo references of their handsome German Sheperds. This is a perfect example of providing varied photo reference when drawing a gift caricature - it gives much more of an idea of what the person/animal really looks and 'feels' like in the absence of them actually being present. 

Order your CANINE-ICATURE TODAY! 'Nuff Said.

Monday, April 12, 2010

2010: A Caricature ODDysey...

A couple of pics of people I drew at a scholarship ceremony thing at Union Catholic High School in Union, NJ. This was my second year providing the funny for this school, and it was a great time as usual. Only got 3 pics, and 2 of them the subjects didn't get a chance to pose with. Oh well, a good start to what so far has been a slow year. C'mon, let's pick it up 2010!

Crossing the End Zone!

Closed out 2009 with this rollicking good time at a Eagles ticketholder party at Citizens Bank Park, with artists Joe White, Pat Harrington, and Mike Edwards.  Eagles fans sure are a tough and resolute bunch, holding on to hope when there's not much of it to hold onto - they continue to smile through the tears of disappointment and frustration, and refuse to give up believing. Made me feel all warm and toasty inside that people can be this determined and dedicated, and it was a good note on which to end what at times was a very trying, difficult year. It certainly felt good to kick 2009 out the backdoor, on it's sorry butt, and welcome 2010, (the last year of the decade despite what many think) in through the front. Cheers!

This one is actually from a gig I filled in for about 1 hour for Emily Anthony as she fought her way up through traffic from another gig. Thanks again em!

I wants Candy! Holiday Party Big Fun

Big fun and big appreciation for the big heads from the awesome people I got to draw at this Holiday party this past December. Poor lighting and nervous party planners didn't deter me from determining the depths to which I went to delineate these dandy dudes and dudettes...
The cheesin' guy on the right sounded EXACTLY like this:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

South Philly Sweet Sixteen!

Big South Philly Sweet 16 fun! Wild man wild. Enjoy.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Ooh, that hurt girls.

the Proud 16 year old kicks up 'er heels!