Monday, April 12, 2010

Crossing the End Zone!

Closed out 2009 with this rollicking good time at a Eagles ticketholder party at Citizens Bank Park, with artists Joe White, Pat Harrington, and Mike Edwards.  Eagles fans sure are a tough and resolute bunch, holding on to hope when there's not much of it to hold onto - they continue to smile through the tears of disappointment and frustration, and refuse to give up believing. Made me feel all warm and toasty inside that people can be this determined and dedicated, and it was a good note on which to end what at times was a very trying, difficult year. It certainly felt good to kick 2009 out the backdoor, on it's sorry butt, and welcome 2010, (the last year of the decade despite what many think) in through the front. Cheers!

This one is actually from a gig I filled in for about 1 hour for Emily Anthony as she fought her way up through traffic from another gig. Thanks again em!