Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Caricaturin' in the Rain

Did a free health fair today for a great company that has given me several other gigs, and was able to draw about 7 faces before the rain hit! Here they are:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

102 Degree Caricatures...

Wooo, whatta hot one for four days, at the Burlington County Farm Fair last week, all worth the sweat and tears, I think...
My original 'booth' inside a big tent - hot, dim, and kinda miserable...
My stand after I finally escaped the sauna of the big tent, looking proud and ready for business....ha!
Ellen DeGeneres for a nice lady who designed hospital gowns for cancer patients, and was a big Ellen fan. she was going to send this drawing along with other photos she took with her Ellen doll, to the show. Quite ironic that this is the second time I've drawn Ellen in two years, as last year she had a caricaturist on the show, and mocked him on the air (facetiously?), sparking the ISCA to ask its members to contribute drawings of Ellen to send to the show to 'educate' her on the art of The 
caricature, of which I contributed. I think this one is a better likeness! 
He liked guns, she liked drugs (because she's a pharmacist).
   Yes, I just happened to have his favorite band, Napalm Death, on a Pandora station, which I played for him while I drew. Word is Grind!
I'm still cleaning hay out of my car from this festival!
Here's some photos from a big country club event I did at the end of June: