Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 Fun Company Gigs...and FINALLY caught up!

I once again drew the fine staff at a senior care facility in Allentown PA this past Friday the 13th, and had a face-smashingly good time! Despite the constant threat of rain, I plowed on and excavated laughs galore! This marks the fourth year I have worked this gig and I it's always a good time - here's all 20 drawings I did of them!

On Saturday, I drew at another annual company event in Jersey, and whipped out these gutbusters...

Nope, not the "Jersey Shore" guys, nor the Gotti brothers...
nope, this here is ''EN2 - get it right!

Blue's Clueless! Just kiddin'....
Can it be? Yes it can! I actually caught up with myself on this blog - no more slipping behind, posting gigs and gifts from months (and in some cases, YEARS) past - I am now living in the present! Wow, it's weird to not be all backed up. It's like I took an enema made for blogging! (yech...)

Fairways, Here I Come! And Go...

Here it is once again! I did the 7 day Middlesex County Fair for the 4th year (missed last year) and lived to tell the tale! Here's the evidence for your perusal...

My minimalistic set-up, right next to the Tea Party 'patriots'! erg....

Shana here was a short-lived caricaturist at my alma mater, Kaman's Art Shoppes at Great Adventure, for about one month this year. 

Babies just don't care how you draw them - they rule!

I challenged this nice lady to draw a 'stick figure', because, as many people claim - she 'can't even draw a stick figure'. Well here she is showing off her attempt - not too bad eh?

Pat on the job - just another day in toxic Jersey - If you look closely, you can see my badly-drawn Toxic Avenger in the background - 'New Jersey's First Superhero!'

Buffy the dog. Drawn from a cellphone.

"I'll bet you drew me like a cave-man, hahahaha". Yup!

Loyal repeat customers - 4th year?

She wanted to be singing/dancing, but I added the 'Hair' idea. Hardeeharhar!

The Middlesex County Fair Robot - this year with a sandwich eating woman attached to his head! i have to draw this at some point. 
I'm sure he'll love it!

More repeat customers! Anthony wears the same hat every year I draw him! Very consistent guy!

Is that a 'tan' or an 'orange'?

Repeat customers once again - these two always keeps ME laughing!

So cute, yet so cruel! Poor ants...

Not Tom Cruise...

The only time this kid was not talking was right here!

And that's that! This festival was dirty, loud, annoying, perplexing and of course FUN, as always, and I did well enough that I'll probably give it another shake next year - I've got enough repeat customers/fans who will be heartbroken if I don't show up.  Next year, my lovely wife Jill WILL be there to help smooth out the crowds and help keep my sanity in check (I had to struggle with that, being next to the Tea Party propagandists, and being threatened by one teenage steroid abuser), and I WON'T be commuting 45 miles back and forth every night like a nut, just to avoid staying over my parents' house, which is just 15 minutes poor car is begging  me not to do that to her again!