Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Up With People!

An uproariously good time was had by all at this very special 50th birthday party for Diane and her extended family of relatives,  neighbors, and hangers-on,  at  the  VFW Hall in beautiful rural Northern Maryland. Good eats too!

The birthday girl.

R.J. was totally gangsta.

This nice old fella fell asleep several times in the chair.

The kindly hosts.

I think I missed an 'R' in his name...

                      Millie loves the sun...

Ozzy's son?

True Fu-Schnick

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hammering the Hammered

Went way up to my old stomping grounds of North Jersey, to hammer the hammered patrons of a bar in Verona, for a Bass Ale promotion - here's the results of the few takers I had !

One (un)fortunate guys' birthday caricature...

These animated gals snuck away before they could get their photos snapped, but trust me, they really did look like this...

What Me Worry?

Some willing victims at a bank opening event I did with Pat Harringtoon.

She just HAD to tell me how the last caricature she got made her look like "the guy from MAD TV"...er, Alfred E. Neuman from MAD Magazine - so a reference to that had to be included here...

Dirt Track Daze

I signed up for a 6-day dust and dirt filled 'Freedom Fest Fair' in Allentown, NJ a couple weeks ago - why? Seemed like a good idea at the time ... One of the worst locations ever been placed in, and attendance at the fair was sporadic - luckily I was given permission to move my tent closer to the entrance of the fest, along with my airbrush-tattooin' family neighbors, to take over the spot of a vendor who'd packed up early (a trend that was hard to resist, I admit), and got some decent drawings in, and hopefully some parties and commissions out from the few customers i did have. Never again...

I should've got a photo of all four of them, plus the individual ones I did of their kids, but oh well - this is the friendly family that worked next to me and suffered through this fest with me. Herman - the very cool, helpful dad/hubbie - helped me put together a PVC tube frame for my sign and cinderblocks cut to fit my tents legs. Was to draw at a b-day party for the little kid following Saturday, but it was postponed to a day I couldn't do! Hope to see these guys again if and when I do another festival in Jersey...

This kid had a different face for every photo i tried to snap...haha, cute - okay, that's enough kid...

VW Thug!

JULY 4th - No gigs this day, but me and the wife, along with our pals Paulie and Joana, decided to wake up at the crack o' dawn, and try selling our old junk at Rices' Market, a huge flea market outside of New Hope. Old comics, toys, books, videogames (Coleco and ATARI!!!), and sundry other chintzy junk we got as gifts or had no more use/room for - we did fairly well, but still came back home with a car full of boxes of unsold stuff. I did keep busy with some caricatures of customers - about 5 of them - that i sold too cheap...and a drawing in-progress of Paulie in his beloved VW "Herbie" bug - unfinished as yet, but here's the sketch, and the coloring that i began but didn't finish because of customer haggling! Final to be posted soon!

Paulie doesn't have a gold tooth, but it IS crooked, and besides, everyone should have at least one gold tooth right?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Grad Partayyyy

Year #4 or 5 for this fun gig for the good people at Covenant House - didn't have time to take many photos! So many great faces and personalities here and always a good time. Even drew one kid in the parking lot, who got there late and missed the fun. Hope to do this one again next year!

Dirty Jersey Jackin'

This gig took place the night of the Ghost Hunters event at Fort Mifflin - had to cut that short and trudge up to North Plainfield for another all-night high school grad party, this time at a big sports club where the lines grew and grew, the laughs got louder and louder as the hours grew later...worked with New Yawker, and self-described 'technophobe', Mr.Garret Bender for this one!
More fun having fun with fun and appreciative students with too little sleep and too much caffeine and sugar! (same goes for me)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Goofin' On the Ghost Hunters Part 3!

So, as promised, here's our next meeting with the Ghost Hunters/TAPS crew, once again at a Fort Mifflin event, at the end of last month - more of a brief visit for me, as I had a middle of the night Project Grad gig for a High school in North Jersey(Tango's high school, coincidentally!), so couldn't stick around for the investigation (Jill did go though, along with my star-struck cousin Alison). But I got the color versions done, and printed out a new group caric, to give to them. Yeah, and I didn't get individual photos/scans of the final pieces, duh. Found a pic Kris took though of hers, on her Twitter account - so all I have to do now is pester those guys for photos of theirs...maybe I'll do some new versions of them for the next fundraiser in November. Again, all props due to Bruce Tango - YOU ARE THE MAN!!!
(L-R) Steve Gonsalves, John, Dave Tango, Kris Williams, Bruce Tango

Jill and Grant modeling with some bags of her chocolate chip cookies. Grant delighted in calling Jill 'Cookie Monster'. I don't think so Grant - I'M the cookie Monster!!!