Saturday, July 25, 2009

VW Thug!

JULY 4th - No gigs this day, but me and the wife, along with our pals Paulie and Joana, decided to wake up at the crack o' dawn, and try selling our old junk at Rices' Market, a huge flea market outside of New Hope. Old comics, toys, books, videogames (Coleco and ATARI!!!), and sundry other chintzy junk we got as gifts or had no more use/room for - we did fairly well, but still came back home with a car full of boxes of unsold stuff. I did keep busy with some caricatures of customers - about 5 of them - that i sold too cheap...and a drawing in-progress of Paulie in his beloved VW "Herbie" bug - unfinished as yet, but here's the sketch, and the coloring that i began but didn't finish because of customer haggling! Final to be posted soon!

Paulie doesn't have a gold tooth, but it IS crooked, and besides, everyone should have at least one gold tooth right?

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