Monday, July 18, 2011

June crazy faces...

Ooooookay, and here's the rest of the crazy faces I drew at gigs for the month of june!
These are from a middle school grad in Allentown:
Next batch is from a early morning post grad gig I did with Patrick Harrington, and man things got nutty!
This kind of wilder take on caricatures usually happens at these kinds of events:

Last grad party of the month and my drawings seem to have gotten a little looser and sloppier, and hence, weirder - tiredness catching up with me i suppose!
This little guy was from a health fair I did in West Philly. Cute kid!
Then there was this here fun couple that wanted to be drawn as a zombie bride and groom at the Wizard World Comic convention I worked at at the Phila. convention center for one day...
Here's a bunch of other interesting people I met there:
And lastly, here's some nice ones from a huge country club pre-4th of July event, right before I took off for a 4 day weekend to beautiful Castine, Maine....