Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Live Caricature Action Catch-Up Vol.2015: Episode VIII: Dark Markers Rising (Apr.-May 2015)

GIGS FROM APRIL-MAY 2015! No time to annotate every one, but here's where/what they were for you to figure out: Rowan University Student Event, Rittenhouse Square Festival, WMGK Dogwalk, Tradeshow in Hershey (with 1st collab sketch with Patrick Harrington!), Philly Post-Prom, Maryland Death Fest, a Junior High Grad, and a carnival in NJ. That's all for now, back soon with more fun, and corny puns!

 Back with more STUFF soon!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Live Caricature Action Catch-Up Vol.2015: Episode VII: Hair to the Toonpyre/The Dork Awakens (Jan-Mar.2015)

May the force be with you, and a lightsaber ejected from an astromech droid to the hands of those who get the title reference (take that, JJ! and thank you, as well)...anyway, here I am back again with more fun faces captured at various events in the new (now old) year, and first new year that I can say "I am your father" to my (then) newborn little girl (now 8 months, going on 9!gasp), so what can I say, I've been busy okay? I'll be up to date soon and back in the present. Maybe even in time for Episode IX!

January was busier than expected, and heck yeah I was grateful. Baby's mouth was well fed by mommy, but daddy was happy to make a lil' extra money to feed our mouths as well...Here's some of what occurred: 40th Surprise BDay-1st gig o' the year:
    Next up, a Post-Holiday Party I did for a Fire Department in NJ:
 And just BEFORE that, because I love posting things out of order, I did a Pet Expo, where it was non-stop business, so only caught a few dogs:
 Next, still in January, a Barmitzvah in South Jersey:
 And now, these few from a convention in Philly...

 Good times with this nursing home staff, plus some happy residents:
And now onto February, where things got snowy, icy, and sparse - much less work, so much less to post....but hey, here's a dog I drew at a Pet Expo!
And here's some great guys I drew at a VA Hospital - definitely one of the highlights of the year so far (along with getting to know the new baby, of course!):
And here's one from a 1 hour gig I did for a wedding party pre-wedding (??):
And a bunch from the weekend I stayed at Pocono Palace drawing for a friend's caricature stand -horny couples excited to get it on in a heart-shaped tub or a champagne glass getting caricatures - what could be better than that!
 To end this cold, but cozy, winter 2015 catch-up post on a hairy note (and to honor the oh-so-clever subtitle up above), here's some peeps I drew at a Beard & Mustache competition in Philly at the end of March, with fellow bewhiskered caricature man Pat Harrington. Note: 2 couples depicted here are facial-hair-less, and one is dead, but still kept his sweet beard:
And there you have it. Nope, not completely caught up yet, but done with the 'Star Wars' theme, because I've run out of 'clever' subtitles....though, if I may be so bold, perhaps I'll continue that 'Star Wars Legends' theme and continue the naming anyway, just for my own stupid amusement....So, coming up next: "Episode VIII: Marker Force Rising". Ugh.