Sunday, November 30, 2008

Goofin' on the Ghost Hunters Part 2

Here's the finished black & white caricatures of the TAPS guys (RE:'Goofin' on the Ghost Hunters Part 1'-6/30/08 Post) and the color of 4 of them (couldn't figure out how to figure Kris in for some reason - sorry Kris! ) spouting off trademark expressions and some funny exchanges from the 'Ghost Hunters" show , as well as photos of the team with their pics, and of the event they were raffled off at - a fundraiser for Tourette's in Westfield, NJ, arranged by Bruce Tango, Big Poppa to TAPS member Dave Tango. Bruce is an awesomely sweet and generous guy (and fellow New Jersey native! Okay, I'm in Philly now, but still spend lots of time there...) and went above and beyond to make Jill and I comfortable and welcome at his event, allowing us to hang with the guys and share my doodles with them (which they signed for the raffle), and for Jill to treat them to her famous chocolate chip cookies. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to print additional copies for the team, but promised them I'd have finished, color versions for them at the next event! (or send them copies, whichever came first...)

This is the original, painted (background) version, which I scanned in piece by piece into Photoshop, and then messed around with for the final version above - I still really like how it came out, there were just too many things I wanted to fix, and, well, Photoshop presents that opportunity all too easily, now doesn't it?

Dave Tango's uncle won the caricature of his nephew with the help of his 'lucky coin'!

Throwin' the horns with fellow metal maniac Steve Gonsalves...

...Me with Mr. Bruce Tango himself - who made this all possible. I am forever indebted this man's warm-hearted kindness and generosity - THANKS AGAIN BRUCE!!!
See the next post for the stunning climax of the TAPS/Caricatoonz saga...or is it just the beginning...

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Barmitzvah craziness in September

Two drippings...

These two are from a birthday party the same day as the company event in the last post. Wish i got more.

More Giblets and Gravy

Cutely Grotesque or Grotesquely Cute? Who cares - Mom loved it.

Giblets and Gravy

A corporate outing in early September in Jersey. It was hot as b***s this day, and there was much inebriation and garrulousness-ishness. I was feeling the vibe. Worked next to Gary "Gaz" Gretsky (Infamous king of 'Chainsaw'-themed caricatures and blatant and Jess Lane (both Kaman's colleagues from back in the day). fun fun fun, till daddy takes the markettes away...

Volleyball and drinking - two perennially popular caricature themes.