Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bank Opening Gig...Nor'easter be Damned!

What a fun trip it was getting to this, anyway, at this bank promotional event in Collegeville, me and Pat Harrington were stationed under a big tent, while festivities and vending went on outside, even after it started to snow - ..i drew up to the last minute, and after it, as I went faster and faster to keep the frost from forming on my hands, due to their shutting the tent heat off. Grainy, blurry, blown out photos courtesy of wonderful iPhone camera.

Fanning the Flames at the Fire Centennial!

Fanned the flames at this gig celebrating the 10oth (?) Anniversary of a Fire Dept. in the Allentown PA area, in Nov. Great fun, and great people!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Drawin' Blood At the Country Club

A quite 'sobering' experience at this gig at a New Jersey country club's Anniversary celebration...drawing sauced up and surly folks while wearing a French beret and scarf in poor lighting, and dealing with some truly lovely and endearing personalities, all on an empty stomach, could have been a recipe for disaster and tragedy, but I used the opportunity to my advantage instead, and let the derangement flow out the Markette tip...STILL waiting to get paid for that last hour...arrgh.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Marinated Marina Madmen (and Women) and the Caricaturist Who Loves 'Em

Here's some of the great people I drew for a Boat and Marina Equipment supply company that puts on an annual convention in Atlantic City for their clients every November. This is the 3rd year I drew for them -  awesome, generous hardworking folks who run the event, and it's ALWAYS a pleasure working with them. And what a great, fun crowd of people attending this with hilarious faces and funny accents (many are from Long Island, Maryland, and of course Jersey!)! Couldn't do it without them!

3RD year for this sweet lady's caricature!

2ND year for his...

One of my favorites.

Zoomed in for your grotesque viewing pleasure.

Wasn't he in the Beach Boys?

EMT'S. This is a photo from an EMT convention that was about to take place at the hotel I stayed at. The faces were so great in this I had to get a photo, so i could draw them later. Hasn't happened yet.

My wife Jill points at a dummy's leg stump. 

Jill and me, er, the dummy.

I LOVE me some bloody dummy stump!



Drunky unhappy

Drunky get caricature

Drunky now happy. 
Wifey won't let Drunky hold caricature because he's soaked in beer.

Drunky now unhappy again.

Orange Julius.

Caricature hack massacring another face...

Hmm, should I 'fix' her tooth? What if she hates it...

Aw, that wasn't so bad now, was it?

Bruce Willis' brother! No, not really.

Meatball 1

Meatball 2. I like the sequel better.

Cute Girl and the alien from Meatballs 2

Mean or Hilarious, or both. You decide.

Hadda be from Joisey.