Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Honest Markers and Sadistic Mothers/I Love College!

What else? more fun comically digging out the tragically humorous heart of humankind , in a light heartedly brutal display of permanent marker honesty and pungent fumes... These ones in particular were done at an annual Oktoberfest celebration in supposedly upwardly-mobile Upper Merion (a near battle royale between two mothers over whose kid could get more than one caricature from the two artists working, despite the quickly approaching end of the gig, nearly ensued, until I had to write up a sign proclaiming: "ONE CARICATURE PER CUSTOMER ONLY PLEASE"....which STILL did not cool the fires of illogical thinking and desires to have all 5 kids be made fun of twice...), and the second set is from a student "Mind-Reading and Past Lives" event squeezed into a little campus restaurant/hangout on the grounds of Monmouth University. After having had their cards, palms, or charts read by the fortune tellers, I was supposed to ask each student what past life they might have had if they had had one, or somesuch. Most didn't really think too hard about it, and didn't really care what they got drawn as, and neither did I. At least there were no fights over whose past life was cooler, or something. Though that might have been entertaining.

This sad looking kid kind of sadly told me he'd like to be drawn as a soldier. Is this a sad caricature?

I think I may have captured this kid at 30, not 10...

This boy wanted a crazy one, so he got it. It's no Chris Chua, but it's approaching the same dimension (demention?).

Heh. Mosquito Kid's friend wanted the crazy too.

These babies were squirmin', but generally good subjects to draw because of their expressive faces. Usually babies just sit there looking blank, with drool splashing out of their mouths and whatnot.  These babies had hilarious faces, no disgusting ones!

 Bored College Kids (NOT)

Got to draw this girl again - first drew her in May at an event here, 7th and 8th pic down...

This budding filmmaker let me know of a cool short he did that won two awards at the Ocean County film fest - way to go!
Check out "Joyous Breakfast" here:

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