Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bank Opening Gig...Nor'easter be Damned!

What a fun trip it was getting to this, anyway, at this bank promotional event in Collegeville, me and Pat Harrington were stationed under a big tent, while festivities and vending went on outside, even after it started to snow - ..i drew up to the last minute, and after it, as I went faster and faster to keep the frost from forming on my hands, due to their shutting the tent heat off. Grainy, blurry, blown out photos courtesy of wonderful iPhone camera.


Jon Casey said...

John- I dig that 2nd one up from the bottom, great expression and likeness!

cabap said...

Great job John,
jan :)

John Sprague said...

Thanks Jon and Jan! I appreciate it. I'm linking your blogs to mine right now! Feel free to 'follow' me on here, and reciprocate with links on your blogs as well. Thanks!