Saturday, March 13, 2010

August Flashback!

Here's a quick roundup of last August's bounty of fun faces and sweaty heads I drew at various places...minus the mosquitoes and unbearable humidity of course.

This is always a fun one - third year for a senior living facility Staff Party in Allentown, PA. Good people, good faces, good eats. 

Another summer company picnic outing, in Jersey, with two other artists. I liked the sly faced faux-hawked kid, and the gigantic eyed Miss NJ Pageant Winner girl (or something) the most, and just didn't feel like taking photos of the rest of this 5 hour gig. I must have been tired.

Another summer picnic outing, in Jersey, with the smell of Burgers, hot dogs, and fish BBQing on the grill. Man, I can't wait for summer. Wah!

Mermaid Lakes outdoor Company PARTY in the middle of January.  These gals were good sports and real troopers considering the 24 degree winter weather.
No, just kidding, this was in August.

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