Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Since I have amassed a large-ish backlog of live and gift caricature files, mainly from sitting on my bum and forgetting about my blog back when this stuff was fresh and relevant, and since I have a lack of new stuff  (few gigs, few commissions, bleh...) this year so far, I see this as a perfect opportunity to 'refresh' my blog with some new posts ...of old stuff, going back to, well, a couple years for now. So to borrow a phrase from a good caricature artist friend of mine, (whom I'm sure won't mind...right?) I will be posting 'Retro' caricatures and illos and whatnot from the recent past (starting with July 2009) and farther back. Call it an early spring cleaning if you will. I call it 'better late than never'. Enjoy!

Here's some doggie caricature fun  at the Hatboro Dog Fest from July 09.

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Angie Jordan said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your "RETRO" caricatures!