Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Grad gigs and then some...

June was a month of grad parties, grad parties, and oh yeah - grad parties! I think I may have done some other types of gigs last month but the students reigned supreme during the merry (and miserable because of the HEAT) month of's two from a middle school grad party I do every year with 5 other artists:
Oh, this one was NOT from a grad party but from a health fair for a company that's been keeping me busy:
Here's one from some other random event:

Okay, here's where things get scary - these were done at the annual 'Project Graduation' I do with a whole bunch of other artists, and once again, I had a blast! And as you can see from most of the faces here, they did too! i get to go quite a bit wilder with my drawings at these events because students and young adults are often very receptive to this style, especially in a big, celebratory, party atmosphere. So here's some of them, with more to come!

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Harringtoon said...

Awesome funny ass warped stuff!
Love the eyeball under lip pic!