Friday, July 10, 2009

Goofin' On the Ghost Hunters Part 3!

So, as promised, here's our next meeting with the Ghost Hunters/TAPS crew, once again at a Fort Mifflin event, at the end of last month - more of a brief visit for me, as I had a middle of the night Project Grad gig for a High school in North Jersey(Tango's high school, coincidentally!), so couldn't stick around for the investigation (Jill did go though, along with my star-struck cousin Alison). But I got the color versions done, and printed out a new group caric, to give to them. Yeah, and I didn't get individual photos/scans of the final pieces, duh. Found a pic Kris took though of hers, on her Twitter account - so all I have to do now is pester those guys for photos of theirs...maybe I'll do some new versions of them for the next fundraiser in November. Again, all props due to Bruce Tango - YOU ARE THE MAN!!!
(L-R) Steve Gonsalves, John, Dave Tango, Kris Williams, Bruce Tango

Jill and Grant modeling with some bags of her chocolate chip cookies. Grant delighted in calling Jill 'Cookie Monster'. I don't think so Grant - I'M the cookie Monster!!!

1 comment:

Harringtoon said...

That is so cool, man!
Great likenesses and Funny
Best is Grant you nailed 100%! (kinda Hefner-ish aint he?)
What's with the facial hair on them 2?-don't them guys know not to grow goatees between caricature pix? Nice stuff!