Monday, July 20, 2009

Dirty Jersey Jackin'

This gig took place the night of the Ghost Hunters event at Fort Mifflin - had to cut that short and trudge up to North Plainfield for another all-night high school grad party, this time at a big sports club where the lines grew and grew, the laughs got louder and louder as the hours grew later...worked with New Yawker, and self-described 'technophobe', Mr.Garret Bender for this one!
More fun having fun with fun and appreciative students with too little sleep and too much caffeine and sugar! (same goes for me)


Angie Jordan said...

Did you print up the borders?
I like the colors AND the way you drew the caricatures on TOP of the frame!

John Sprague said...

Angie - the borders were pre-printed by agent, on the paper itself. At first it irritated me having to modify my natural predilection for drawing 'big', but I got used to it, and tried to work within the borders. Thanks!