Monday, August 2, 2010


Once again I got to draw at the E.Brunswick Project Grad and it was killer krazy fun as always! Worked next to my man Pat Harringtoon and we bounced the crazy vibes back and forth, twisting, bending, contorting and basically just disrespecting these awesomely good-humored students' genetically inherited dispositions, taking them on a chuckle-filled trip to the funny farm! This year, the artists were spread out along a big 2nd floor running track, which was a big change from the suffocating hot box of an office space they had all eight of us (plus students) in for the past several years. For the first time, i took video of some of my subject's reactions - check 'em out for some genuine guffaws, whinnies, snickers, and chortles (and a couple confused 'heh-heh's too). Along for the ride again were Emily Anthony, Angie Jordan, and the nice guys of Aardvark Entertainment - including my old pal Joe Flood, whom I used to draw these events with before he moved to Hipsterburg, I mean Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Check out his amazing comic book work here:

This guy had one of the funniest laughs i've ever heard...

Mr. Ron Maslanka - sans his 'SAM the Clown' makeup - finally got 'SPRAGUED'!
 check out more of the multi-talented Ron Maslanka here:

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