Monday, April 19, 2010


Had a blast drawing this one, and turns out I didn't need much reference for drawing Marvel Comics' 'Thor' costume - relied on the good ol' comic book memory banks for that! The tank came fairly easy too as I was a huge G.I. Joe fan growing up and must have the look and feel of the MOBAT hardwired into my brain. The WWI Kraut helmet though, needed a little more ref. I was tempted to add a 'KRAKA-DOOOOM' sound effect, but decided otherwise...
Right here is a collage  I arranged from the client's generous photo references of their handsome German Sheperds. This is a perfect example of providing varied photo reference when drawing a gift caricature - it gives much more of an idea of what the person/animal really looks and 'feels' like in the absence of them actually being present. 

Order your CANINE-ICATURE TODAY! 'Nuff Said.


Dustin Lance said...

John that looks great!

John Sprague said...

Thanks Dustin! Let me know when you want that gift caricature!