Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goofin' On the Ghost Hunters Part 5

This past February, I was contacted by Bruce Tango to draw up some new versions of the caricatures I'd done of the TAPS/'Ghost Hunters' group for gifts to Steve and Dave (Bruce's son) for all their hard work, with the idea to possibly use them as images on t-shirts.
Here's the final version of Steve, Investigator and Tech Expert, drawn in traditional pen and ink, and touched up in Photoshop:
Steve has a deathly phobia of spiders, as fans of the show are well aware, so having one in the picture dangling above him with a flashlight was a blackly comic touch! Ideas provided by Bruce.

Next is the new version of Dave Tango, Steve's partner-in-ghostbust,er,hunting, on 'Ghost Hunters' AND the new 'Ghost Hunters Academy', and like myself, a native New Jersey-an:

I did several preliminary sketches to try out different styles than the originals and to fix some things that I thought could have been done better, but alas, Bruce loved the originals so much that we ended up going with those, with updated coloring and assorted details.
Here's the other sketches I tried out (drawn on tracing paper, which accounts for the 'wrinkly' look):


I really liked this version, especially the more exaggerated face and more dynamic stance. But you never know-I may yet get to use this one for another set of gifts?

I also tried out a more 'angular'/stylized version of Steve:

...and the final sketch which didn't make the cut, of Dave Tango about to kick some ghost a$$ -

Hopefully these will be given a chance to be used at some point- but for now, I just enjoyed the opportunity to draw these guys again and to help out my buddy Bruce. Thanks again Mr.T!

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