Friday, October 1, 2010

Some Oldies but Goodies

Here's a trio of sweet old ladies I drew at a senior citizen's facility last week, the same place I am hired for their annual summer staff party. I really enjoyed drawing this enthusiastic group of golden agers, and they kept me as entertained as I did them!

Now for more Oldies but Goodies - some live stuff I never posted anywhere, and since I don't have a full website with archived pages to show off my older material, I'll just post it here. A little 'fall cleaning' if you will.
So here they is...
These ones are from a fun gig I did with Pat Harringtoon at Chickie & Petes for a bank opening staff party. 

These next ones are from a kid's birthday party in the basement of this gigantic house - in fact the kid's room was the basement. I recall there being a Frank Sinatra impersonator singing at this party for some reason.

Okay...why am I doing this again? Oh yeah, lack of new material, that's why...and hey, I think these were pretty good, so why not? 
This bunch was done at Franklin Square park in Philly, when I had my on again, off again retail stand there. 
These are from a college event. 
A wedding!
Uh no, it was a birthday party, whatever...
Okay that's all for now. Hope it was good for you. Next post will be more from the archives of the month of October, until I get some new work done at least...

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