Monday, May 9, 2011

Triple Live Gonzo!

Catching up from a wild bunch of gigs a couple of weekends ago - feel like I'm STILL recovering from these three - first one was a college gig I drew at with comrade Mikey Edwards, where the faces got funky, busted, and just plain weird ....and the laughs erupted over and over:

This next event was at a massive street fair on Broad street in Philadelphia, called the Philadelphia Festival of the Arts, sponsored by the Kimmel Center. All types of top class entertainment, food, and activities were there for this event, and I felt honored to have been part of this event as I drew till my back almost gave out for over 8 hours, alongside my good caricaturist friends Angie Jordan, and Pat Harrington (who I did not get to work with, since they split up the caricature artists), as well as some pastel portrait artists. We were swamped with people, and the streets were gridlocked - crazy!
Heres' some of what i drew that day - 
                                  This guy was the owner of a restaurant called 'Bliss' and was nice
                              enough to get me an awesome burger and fries  (that got cold because I was
                                                                             so busy!)
Last event for the first weekend of May was the annual WMGK DeBella Dogwalk in beautiful Green Lane Park, PA. I did non-stop business in my 4th year as caricature artist to the dogs (though past two years also starred Pat Harrington, who couldn't make it this year). Check out several I did here:
Needless to say,  I was pretty pooped after these three big events, and was actually quite thankful I only had one gig the following weekend (which I didn't get any pictures at). However, I'm now ready for MORE  - bring it on!!!

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