Saturday, October 3, 2015

Live Caricature Action Catch-Up Vol.2015: Episode IX: The Fast Sore Hand (June-July 2015)

BAM! Busy, bustling, sweaty June busting through, starting out with a group shot of the crew for a NJ high school grad I've been doing for about 15 years (I'm second from the left, grinning maniacally), and for which I accidentally deleted all the photos I took except for one...after that, Junior High grad party, a post-prom,  a brain injury rehab facility event, a company party, a HIEROGLYPHICS drawing event(!), another company summer picnic, another high school grad, a high school grad party on a boat around NYC, a girl from a farmers market gig, and into July now - a country club 4th of July event, and some days from my buddy's Ocean City boardwalk stand...whew, busy and tiring, only in the best ways...I'm tired writing about this almost 3 and a half months later! Much much more to come...

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