Friday, June 26, 2009

Back from Neverland!

Hello again out there (echo, echo, echo)!!! Please welcome me back to the land of the living as I resuscitate this blog with a "Very Special" post from last night's Project Graduation gig - 10th year for East Brunswick highschool, drawing with crazy cohorts Pat Harrington, Angie Jordan, Emily Anthony,( and some other guys whose company name rhymes with 'nardpaark'), a bucket of sweat, and bad lighting (hence the bad photos - okay, i have a crappy camera and can't take a picture to save my life, and I didn't have an extension cord for my lamp, blah blah blah, sorry for the blurriness...).
P.S.: All caricatures were performed tonight to commemorate the spirit of the King of Weird...uh, er, POP,(who just moonwalked off the mortal coil several hours earlier) by drawing extra, well....Weird! Neverland is now open...
Now let's see if I can get another post up before 2012...

The charismatic 'Farah', soon to be star of her own televised gabfest 'Farah and her Funky Friends' - and budding caricature artist in her own right...check out her masterpiece of yours truly:


Angie Jordan said...

Love your work John and it was GREAT drawing next to you! I had loads of laughs!
I'm away but as soon as I return, I'll send you your one photo on my camera.

I hope to work with you again real soon!

BTW check out some of the pics and write up on Emily's blog!

Harringtoon said...

Welcome back Johnny Spprigs!
NIICE Fun stuff Man! Always a fave gig!
I dig da cross-eyed chopped brow dude best!
And the braces-DA BRACES!!
Always dig workin withcha and who'da thunk all it would take to get you up & bloggin again is the death of child molestin' moonwalkin' glove-wearin' nose-losin' EE-Hee-in' Jacko!

OOh-it's after midniiiight, Johnny Sprague is lurkin in the dark.....

Emily Anthony said...

"moonwalked off the mortal coil"

You have the same way with words as you do with your drawings.
(and so does Pat! har har)

You ROCKED at this gig, John. Keep on blogging!