Saturday, June 6, 2009

Grand Guignol Absurditude!

The Grand Guignol & The Theater of the Absurd was in full force and flowing from my brainpan to my pen at this 8th Grade Grad Gig I did with Arkham Asylum’s own house caricaturist, Mr. Patrick Harrington. Seems like every time I work with the Patchouli man my work is energized with fearless and nutty crazy attitude, as we vibe and jibe and try to top one another. What a freaking fun job this caricaturing stuff can be!


Angie Jordan said...

Nice work John!
Isn't Orefield the school near Allentown off of Route 309?

John Sprague said...

Angie - hey babe! Just got back on this blog after months of snoooozing...anyway, this is from the gig you, me, Pat, and Joe did in early June - in Orefield indeed. I'll catch up to the present soon!

Emily Anthony said...

I can tell you must have been working next to Patfreak at this one! Egads!!!! Did anyone pass out from laughing?

John Sprague said...

You got that right, Em! Noone passed out, amazingly enough, but there was a lot of hyperventilating.

Harringtoon said...

That 3rd one down is in my top 10 funniest BEST ever seen in my
many years of caricaturing-
right up there with the BEAVER LADY from that gig w/ Joe White.