Friday, January 4, 2013

Caricature Fun in the Sun

Here's some high school graduates I drew at the annual Germantown Covenant House Grad Party - about 5 years running and always a blast!

                                             This batch is from a fun student event I drew at with fellow
                                            caricaturists Patrick Harrington and Mikey Edwards, at Stockton
                                              College, NJ. Always a fun time drawing with Pat, and trying
                                            to outdo each other with the silliness and exaggeration, while
                                             Mikey looks on in awe...

                                             A bunch of snapshots from the Long Branch Lobsterfest I drew
                                            at in July, a two day event right on the boardwalk! Very crowded,
                                            but not super busy, perhaps because of the threat of inclement
                                            weather. Nevertheless, a  fun time - here's some of my faves!

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