Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2013 Overdue Overview Part 5: Funky Face Jive

Caricatoonz...back again, getting close to the end of 2013 starting with some pics from a fun 80s themed Halloween party I drew at in Feasterville, where I even got to draw some zombie caricatures for my anything goes-minded subjects (while dressed as an 80s' dude with my mullet wig)!
Here's some kind words about me from the GigMasters website where the client hired me on:
"John was awesome! We had a 80's themed party and he came with a sweet mullet. He had us all laughing which made everyone more comfortable. The quality of the caricatures were great too, considering the amount of time he had."
Next up: great faces and fun people at a Drexel new student day!
 On this chilly day in November, I drew some folks at a Block party in Northeast Philly thrown by a client I worked for back in April, to raise money for her infant daughter, who was born with congenital heart disease (incidentally, the leading cause of infant death in the US: ) I gladly set up and paid for the space to contribute to the fund. Here is Melissa's review of me from April, when I drew at her daughter's first birthday party: 

"I <3 JOHN! Our daughter was born with Congenital Heart Disease, T21 and a slew of other issues. In the past year she had undergone 2 OHS. To celebrate her 1st bday and her life as a survivor, we wanted someone who could help us see the lighter side of life. JOHN WAS IT! He was our therapy! I was AMAZED at how patient he was as all of the kiddies cackled in his ear. His drawings are SUPERB! We may have only met once before but John will forever have a special place in my heart. He made us laugh when all we thought we could do was cry. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY BABY'S BIRTHDAY THE BEST ONE EVER! THANK YOU JOHN FOR HELPING US SEE THE LIGHTER SIDE OF LIFE <3"

This kid was on the move!!! no time for photos...
A BIG undertaking at this event! 2 days, 80 kids, full black and white face and bodies for an afterschool program run by my 4th/5th grade teacher (whom I met up with again in July at a festival) - Brutal, but fun! I enjoyed coming up with sillier and sillier ideas as my speed kept increasing - I think I was down to less than 5 minutes per face and body on the second, 5 hour day...whoo! sweatin' looking back at this gig...only got time to snap a couple photos and one of a staff member...
Last post o' 2013 stuff tomorrow~ Also check out my other blog!

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