Friday, January 28, 2011

First Gig of 2011 - Rusty, Grainy, FUN!

First gig of the year 2011, for a 'Post-Holiday' party at a sports bar in Jersey last Saturday, and things were a bit rusty and grainy, but damn, was this a fun, crazy crowd! I drew for this school staff a couple years back, and the client misplaced my info., and then just happened to find me on my facebook fanpage! (
Lots of wild dancing and butt-slapping going on - great peoples to be around during these slow, anxious's a bunch of shots, taken, sigh, again with my iPhone - I WILL use my digital camera next time!!! I will, I will, I will......

This theme was suggested to me by the husband, to his wife's dismay and surprise. Hope the baby doesn't really look like that...
Bryan, the man in charge proudly displaying my cartoonizication of him. (Hmm, first time I ever used that word...I'll have to patent it...)

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