Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tidings of Discomfort and Joy Part...whatever! Here's Some I missed...

Welp, here's a bunch of holiday gigs I seemed to have forgotten about - first one was for a big law office holiday party inside a fancy lobby where there were 4 artists shakin' down the folks with some crazy caricature drawing - here's a few from that night!
This next batch was for Urban Outfitters, in South Philly, inside a massive warehouse that was set up with a carnival theme, complete with ferris wheel (inside the building!), skeeball machines, food stands giving out gourmet hor's deurves (and lots and lots of freeflowing drinks), and of course, a freak show....represented by the caricatures I drew of these very fun, hip, and sloshed employees. It was nice to be able to break out the colors and capture some of that very vibrant night!

Next was a law office Christmas party with these proudly mugging mugshot worthy faces:
This guy's gorgeous wife suddenly became camera shy once it was picture time!

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