Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tidings of Discomfort and Joy: Leftover Grab Bag Edition

Like the title says....MOAR caricature madness from Xmas parties past:
Mikey was a wild and 'crazi' guy.
And proud of it...
Elisha's proud husband...

This gig for a fire prevention company found me working with Pat Harringtoon, and in a bit of a looser, more cartoony style...we had us some fun with these peops!

This family ruled!
Some brief shots of a inebriated funeral home Christmas party. No stiffs here, people:
1 shot from a YMCA holiday bash:
Staff Party at a Catholic high school in North Jersey - crazy shit ensued.
Fragrance Festivals in Jersey and NY

Police Xmas Party!
Real Estate Xmas Party...
That's it for the archival live stuff (I think).Thanks for scrolling.
NEW live stuff next? I think so...

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