Thursday, July 29, 2010

Communions, Dog Fests, Weddings, School Events - Every one wants Caricatures!!!

1st Communion. Excellent lighting, excellent hosts. Loved this gig.

The WMGK Dogwalk. Hot, sweaty, and covered with fur, and I didn't whimper once with my tail between my legs. John DeBella bellowed and barked out the typical classic rock but where were all the 'dog' themed songs???

Another communion.Lotsa good natured 'tude to keep me jumpin'!

A very busy school open house with 3 other artists - this is all had time for-check out that dog, er, dog-like thing - nobody could describe exactly what kind of dog he was, or if he even WAS a dog.

Big fun wedding on the Long Branch beach, and then into a cozy old chateau for the festivities. The funny faces just kept coming...

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