Monday, July 19, 2010

More Fun with Gift Caricatures...

Here's some fun caricature gifts I did for some recent clients/friends. The first one was for my friend Kym's parents-in-law, for a birthday/anniversary present, drawn with Pitt brush pen and Prismacolor Art Sticks, and the second pair are of Kym's 2  kids. 

Originally I drew the girl as a singer, in my quick sketch party style, with chisel-tip Super Sharpies - I thought it came out good and captured her, but could have been better. (plus the kid didn't like it, and of course kids are always right, right? Right...) So I drew up a new one, in a more polished style, and apparently captured her 'sassy' personality to a 'T', because she loved it! (whew!) The second one, of her bro Dino, was done with Super Sharpies and color sticks, in my party style, and since everyone absolutely loves this one, it didn't require a re-do (plus Dino's not quite as shall we say, 'demanding', as his sis!). Kym's caricature is on it's way, much to her consternation - HA!

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