Thursday, July 8, 2010

Funny School

Here's an assortment of samples I drew in various school type events this past spring, which for me, are often the most fun kinds of live events to draw at!
These three were taken at a busy gig at Philadelphia Community College in April.


The following event I drew for my wife's friend Margot's after school YMCA program that she, teaches for...make that 'taught'...and I had a good time making these fun, spirited kids smiling and entertained for an hour or so. The best part though was drawing the caricature-shy Margot at the end, and adding a bunch of inside jokes, and cracking up her students, and myself of course. Journalistic-style photos of yours truly in action courtesy the magnificent Jilly Spark Sprague!

Margot mentioned to me that this student was particularly sensitive and had been having many personal problems lately, so her reaction may not be the best...she proved us wrong though as she was loved it and could not stop looking at it and laughing. Here she is with her friend 'The Elf', proudly showing their caricatures off for the camera.

Ms. Margot mans up and gets in the chair...

The tension mounts...what is he DOING???
(warning: final caricature is NSFCB -Not Safe For Chocolate Bunnies)

See? Not so difficult, was it. And yes, Margot loves chocolate, and gardening.

The bottle says 'Chocolate Whine'. 

Thanks again, Margot, and welcome back to sanity!

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