Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good Times Good Times, You Know I Like to Share...

Can you tell I had a good time caricatoonifying the people at this 1 year old's b-day? Well, I did. And you know what? They enjoyed it too! Go figure.

Founder's Day Festival at a prestigious private school in Princeton - luckily, no snooty attitudes here, just good humored kids eager to get drawn funny!
"Spring Picnic Block Party" at a college in Northern New Jersey. Beautiful day, and friendly, funny faces!

Fun birthday party for a 5 year old at Franklin Square Park! The 'Popeye' kid was hilarious, cracking silly jokes the whole time, and talking in weird voices - more fuel for the silliness of the caricature!
What a great family, and what a line - hardly had time to take pics, there were so many people at this wedding reception. The bride said she was a Miss NJ Teen USA finalist or something. I can see that!

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