Friday, July 30, 2010

Tickling the bizzle and Floating the Boats...with Ice Cream

Yep, I'm doing more summer cleanin' here, trying desperately to crawl back up to the present with my blog posts, with one foot in the gutter, and one fist in the goal (to quote the awful Riki Rachtman). Just as I get a bunch of photos posted from the recent past (mid-June '10), I comb through the archives and find stuff I never posted before that I still tickles my bizzle, so here they be - don't strain yer eyes too much trying to read the dates and's more for my own peace o' mind, and hopefully for YOUR pleasure - not that anyone's looking at this blog judging from my Facebook 'fan page' "Insights"...Probably cuz I keep inundating the FB newsfeed with all this backlogged stuff that nobody's got the time or interest to peruse. Oh well, it floats my boat!

2 pix from a company party for a giant potato chip company
whose name is the opposite of 'His'

Backyard Grad Party I made a surprise visit too in June.
Philly to the bone these people be.

Creative and spontaneous sugared up kids partying in as silly a manner as 12 year olds can - by having a creative and spontaneous caricature artist come to their party and draw whatever they want. Not that I had any Idea what i was drawing, all I know is these kids were laughing the whole time.

Some kind of patriotic festival in Philadelphia where I drew nothing but a couple of guys selling ice cream. But boy am I glad I drew nothing but these guys, cuz it turned me on to the best old-fashioned ice cream parlor in the city - Franklin Fountain! Mmmmmm!
In the words of Ben Franklin: 'Energy and Persistence Conquer All Things'.
Especially when you've got a sweet tooth for a Cherries Jubilee...

Some office types here having their dreary, monotonous days busted up with some free flowing silliness. Every office needs a caricaturist. Or at least every office party!

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hanzz said...

The trio with the big nose in the middle is hilarious ! I love it !

Keep posting !